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ARCsoft Head Office provides centralised control and management information for remote sites running ARCsoft Stock Control. The system can be scaled from a hand full of sites to an unlimited number of sites.

ARCsoft Head Office management system is an innovative, flexible, sophisticated solution that provides retailers with the ability to effectively manage their enterprise. This management system allows users to establish and manage sales, inventory, and business processes from a central location. The ability to centrally monitor activity, implement management strategies and analyse data across the retail enterprise is critical to maximising sales, controlling operating costs, and managing logistics.

Centralised Data Control:

Our Head Office Management System enables retailers to maximise sales by:

• Centrally controlling store operations and data flow
• Controlling supplier orders and stock movements
• Analysing enterprise performance
• Monitoring all enterprise activity

Centralised file maintenance drastically reduces the on-site workload and ensures conformity across an estate. Changes made at head office are automatically distributed to all appropriate sites via FTP or Analog communications.

Head Office Control :


ARCsoft Head Office can be configured to provide tight head office control. Sites are grouped for the maintenance of POS data, allowing head office full control over the POS data for each site.

Each scheme can contain a different set of Products that have been selected package designed specifically for the full range of Geller or Vectron POS terminals.

Head office can configure the system to allow the sites a certain degree of flexibility so that the site managers can make local business decisions. Information that can be maintained at a site level includes - Products & Prices (specific range), Clerks, Cost prices, Delivery prices and Keyboard layout.

Some Sample Customers of ARCsoft Head Office
Louis Fitzgerald Group Butlers Chocolates
Manning's Bakery
Brambles Cafe
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